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Nama:Tn. IWAN [Penjualan]
Situs Web:
Nomor Ponsel:Nomor ponsel Tn. IWAN di Jakarta Utara
Nomor Telpon:Nomor telpon Tn. IWAN di Jakarta Utara
Alamat:PT. MEGA PRIMA JAYA Jl. Mantang Mawar Dalam Blok. L/1 Lagoa - Koja Jakarta Utara Indonesia - 14270
Jakarta Utara 14270, Jakarta
Email: mega.primajaya@
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Tanggal Bergabung:13 Dec. 2013
Terakhir Diperbarui:10 Jan. 2014
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We have more than 22 years experience in the Life Raft Testing and Fire extinguisher servicing, refilling,
Mega prima Jaya is a procurement safety of the ship in Indonesia and Asia. We provide a wide range of integrated services and the safety of the ship to meet the needs of domestic and international customers.

Mega prima Jaya Indonesia service network covering Asia.

Mega prima Jaya has trained resources in Indonesia today. Experienced management are dedicated in offering both Indonesian and international customers a comprehensive range of appliance repair services as well as the safety of the ship procurement regional and domestic routine. Mega Prima Jaya also represents many well-known global shipping company, in which seamless access to the world ocean.

As a company, Mega Prima Jaya has over 22 years of experience, modern equipment to support operations in all shapes and sizes, combined with skilled human capital and competent.
Service and repacking. All repairs and inspection personnel are trained individually, Dock side pick up and delivery available. For the life raft services additional information, please contact us for Quote / Information.

life raft who served on PT. Mega Prima Jaya approved repair shop every twelve months in accordance with national and international regulations. You can find the most convenient service station for ships using the search facilities on this map.

Inspection of ship safety equipment is important for your vessel, to maintain the safety equipment you are ready to help our team and we have an experienced team of factory trained and certified technicians ready to do whatever you need in-service inspection of ship safety equipment.

Is a life raft that can be developed at the time was thrown overboard into the sea automatically raft type are also known as Inflatable liferaft ( ILR) . The device is a raft of safety devices that are commonly used onboard modern boats because of practicality in use, a small space as well as having a large payload capacity ( there is a capacity of 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc) .

PT. Mega Prima Jaya requires that all marine safety personnel are regularly trained and certified to follow each specific manufacturer' s service procedures. As a result, we are authorized to service all major brands of life rafts and inflatable crafts. PT. Mega Prima Jaya provides prompt and convenient dockside service. To ensure efficiency in your commercial operation

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Jl. Mantang Mawar Dalam Blok. L/ 1
Lagoa - Koja Jakarta Utara
Indonesia - 14270
Tlp / sms : + 6221-70555890
Email : mega.primajaya@

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